Rookie Schartner Takes First SBS Feature, Didero Takes Supermod Win At Oswego

By Danny Johnson

Victory Lane reached all ages Saturday night at Oswego Speedway, while rookie Andrew Schartner took his first ever Oswego Speedway feature win in the SBS division, twenty five year veteran Doug Didero claimed the checkered in the supermodified feature event.

Tim Snyder and Didero paced the supermodified field to Donnie Forbes starter sticks, with Didero racing out front quickly. Joe Gosek and Keith Shampine elected to go low early, while Pat Lavery and Otto Sitterly went up top to move through traffic early on. Yellow came over the speedway for the first time on lap 4, as Louie Levea spun and tapped the outside fourth turn wall in the new Osetek 61. The car was tweaked, but just enough to put it out of the race. Back green, the scoreboard read Didero, Snyder, Gosek, Keith Gilliam, Lavery, Jason Spaulding, Stephen Gioia, Sitterly, Shampine and Joey Payne early on. Gosek flashed the 00 into the runner up spot, in lap 5, 1.36 seconds behind the high flying 3 car, with an inside front straightaway pass on the 0 car.

Defending speedway champ Sitterly began to catch fans attention as he wheeled and dealed the Nicotra 7 car by Gioia and Spaulding on lap 6 for sixth place. Up front, the Xtreme #3 stopped watches at 17.14 consistently, as he maintained his three second gap over Gosek. A few laps later Sitterly moved into the top five as he got by the Gilliam 87. Another fourth turn tango brought out caution #2, as Jerry Curran slapped the outer wall in 4, ending the night of the Nuclear Banana. Sitterly picked off Lavery on the get go, to move to fourth, while Didero stepped out on the field once again.

Didero held a 1.42 second gap on Gosek, who was just ahead of the Snyder, Sitterly, Lavery quartet. Sitterly moved to a podiu m spot on lap 20, as he cranked by Snyder as they entered turn three. As fans wondered if Sitterly could catch the two Xtreme Chassis, Didero turned in the fastest times in recent weeks with 16.98 and 16.91 laps. Didero’s closest moment of the race came on lap 24, as Louie Levea Jr spun just feet ahead of Didero, as the #3 came around to lap the 04. Didero pulled the car to the right, barely avoiding the spinning rookie.

A pair of fourth turn cautions for Bobby Magner and Keith Shampine slowed the pace, but this show was Doug Didero’s. He again blazed the surface with 17.05 and 16.86 laps, en route to the 45 lap romp. Gosek held on for second, with Sitterly home in third.

“I thought the speedway screwed up and put us in the front row tonight,” a happy Didero joked after his win. “Seriously, the car was really good, and the track was fast tonight. It kept getting quicker and quicker, and it felt really good tonight.”

Dave Danzer and Rob Pullen were the front row starters in the 30 lap SBS main event Saturday evening, with Pullen wasting no time taking top spot in the race. Pullen, Danzer, and Schartner broke away early, while a lap 4 jam up slowed the field. Top runner Mike Bond saw his night end as he ran out of race track in turn one as the track was blocked, and walled the #26 in turn one. Mike was ok, but the car was OFN.

Pullen, Danzer, Schartner, Steve Abt, Shawn Walker, Kevin Knopp. Dave Gruel, jack Patrick, and Jason Simmons all looked for room early to advance. A third turn accident changed the race as it included Simmons, Gruel, and Cliff. Schartner grabbed second from Danzer after a restart, and set sail after Pullen. Russ Brown began to make his presence felt as he raced the #60 up to the fourth spot, after starting back in 20th position Brown kept the momentum going as he pulled past Danzer on lap 11, and caught right up to the 25, and 18 lead pack.

At halfway, the lead trio held a 1.61 second gap over Danzer and Patrick. Gates and Sobus ran hard, while trying to get to top five spots. Back up front, Pullen maintained his line, while Schartner tried him on the inside numerous times, to no avail. Lap 27, Schartner tried an inside move off turn four, this time the pass stuck and Schartner beat Pullen to turn one in a drag race.

The 18 was now out front, and pulled comfortably away. Rookie Andrew Schartner picked up his first ever Oswego Speedway win, with Rob Pullen second. Russ brown rounded out podium spots with Brian Sobus and Stan gates top five as well. “You don’t know how much this means to me,” the jubilant victor stated. “All my guys worked their tails off, and we put a lot of work into this. I can’t thank the guys enough for racing me clean, as that’s how I like to do it.”

News and Notes…21 supers and 22 SBS cars were pitside. Dave Gruel, Tim Barbeau and Andrew Schartner won SBS heats, with Pat Lavery, Joe Gosek and Doug Didero won supermodified heats. Many time track and classic champ Greg Furlong qualified his familiar #72 for the feature, but left the speedway grounds before the feature to be with his wife who was in labor and gave birth to their second daughter.

SBS 30 Results:

1)Andrew S chartner 18, 2)Rob Pullen 25, 3)Russ Brown 60, 4)Brian Sobus 79, 5)Stan Gates 28, 6)Tim Barbeau 58, 7)Jack Patrick 9,, 8)Mark Castiglia 90, 9)Chip wood 2, 10)Brian Haynes 86, 11)Dave Danzer 52, 12)Brian Osateck 95, 13)Steve Abt 85, 14)Barry Kingsley 23, 15)Dave Gruel 50, 16)Kevin Knopp 04, 17)Shawn Walker 68, 18)Jason Simmons 91, 19)Dave Cliff 06, 20)Mike Bond 26, 21)Ken Pierce 67, 22)Guard Nearbin 78

Supermodified 45 Results:

1)Doug Didero 3, 2)Joe Gosek 00, 3)Otto Sitterly 7, 4)Tim Snyder 0, 5)Pat Lavery 2, 6)Keith Gilliam 87, 7)Todd Stowell 89, 8)Jason Spaulding 23, 9)Joey Payne 99, 10)Dan Connors 01, 11)Lou Levea Jr 04, 12)Keith Shampine 88, 13)Bob Magner 22, 14)Stephen Gioia 9, 15)Jerry Curran 24, 16)Hal Latulip 56, 17)lou Levea sr 61, 18)dave iosue 90, 19)Jamie Ingersoll 72, 20)Craig Rayvals 94