Rotarians Learn About Insurance

OSWEGO, NY – Rotarian Bridgette Seguin introduced Bob Wallace, CEO of Eastern Shore Associates.

Bob has been involved in the insurance business for many years.

Bridgett Seguin and Robert Wallace
Bridgett Seguin and Robert Wallace

Bob is one of the founders of Eastern Shore Associates and is the only original partner still actively working with the company.

Eastern Shore is an important part of our community with its continued support of our projects and donations.

It is also important in that it deals with 40 different insurance companies to get the right coverage for its customers.

Bob covered commercial and personal insurance in his presentation to the Rotarians.

Eastern Shore Associates is an employee owned company.

Each employee has a stake in the company and performs their job for the good of the company.

Bob advised the Rotarians, when shopping for insurance, to compare coverages carefully.