Rotary Group Study Exchange Team Leader Visits Oswego Sunrise Rotary

OSWEGO, NY – Tony Beckett, team leader, for the Group Study Exchange Team from England, spoke to the members of the Oswego Sunrise Rotary at their Thursday meeting.

Tony has been a member of Rotary for the past 27 years and is a past president of the Rotary Club of Irlam.

Tony Beckett
Tony Beckett

He is an operational police officer with the Greater Manchester Police.

He works in the inner city areas of the city of Salford.

During his visit, he contrasted his police force of 7,000 members with the many departments in each community.

As team leader, he has a team made up of young professionals who work in health care.

The members are: Dr. Sarah Blayney, Louise Dowie, Registered Nurse; Victoria Watterson, Registered Nurse; and Karren Skinner, Registered Nurse.

While in Oswego and Fulton the team has visited health care facilities.

Tony has visited police and legal agencies.

They also visited our historic and cultural sites in the community.