Rotary Supports United Way’s Efforts

Oswego Rotary attended the United Way’s Stone Soup recently.

Rotary Supports United Way's Efforts
Rotary Supports United Way’s Efforts

In support of the United Way, the club held a fellowship meeting in lieu of its regular weekly meeting, with members donating non-perishable food items.

Pictured are Rotarians: Doug McRae, Rob Rolfe, Diane Dillon, Mark DuFore, Lauren Pistell, Randy Zeigler, Joette Deane, Sabine Ingerson, Melanie Trexler, Selma Sheridan, President Sue Witmer, Major James Purvis, Dave Granoff, Deb Deeb (Human Concerns), Helen Hoefer  (Catholic Charities) and John Fitzgibbons.