RSVP seeks participants for ‘6 Steps to Better Balance’ series

OSWEGO — The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, a division of SUNY Oswego’s Office of Business and Community Relations, is now accepting registrations for “6 Steps to Better Balance,” to begin Nov. 14, at Palermo Town Hall.

RSVP volunteer Rachel Brooks will teach the course from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. each through Dec. 19.

RSVP's Mildred Murray on the "Balance Beam," coached by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter during a recent RSVP-sponsored "6 Steps to Better Balance" train-the-trainer workshop.
RSVP’s Mildred Murray on the “Balance Beam,” coached by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter during a recent RSVP-sponsored “6 Steps to Better Balance” train-the-trainer workshop.

Betty Perkins-Carpenter, Ph.D., of Senior Fitness Productions developed the six-step program. A nationally renowned expert on fall prevention, she has made improving balance easy for everyone, organizers said.

With falls the leading cause of death in people ages 65 and over, RSVP is taking the lead on recruiting volunteer instructors and providing programs to reduce this statistic. RSVP Osteo Bone Builders instructors have taken training to integrate the six-step approach to better balance at their osteoporosis exercise sites.  The osteo sites target exercises for the control of osteoporosis and spend about 15 minutes of every session on balance exercises.

For those interested in focusing more thoroughly on falls prevention, RSVP is offering the upcoming “Six Steps to Better Balance” series — the six weeks of one-hour sessions in Palermo also will assign practice time at home in between.

The workshops cover how to help prevent falls and reduce injuries if a fall occurs.

Participants will learn activities that are fun to do, organizers said, such as the “Jiggle Wiggle” and “10-Martini Slump,” that are designed to reduce falls and fear of falling.

Brooks is an Osteo Bone Builders instructor who studied under Perkins-Carpenter as a way to supplement the exercise regimen used to control osteoporosis.  However, she soon became hooked on “6-Steps to Better Balance.”

“I have one person who is so excited about the program she’s cancelled everything she had on her calendar so she can attend,” Brooks said. “With neuropathy in her feet and rheumatoid arthritis, she’s thrilled for more help with her balance.”

To register, call Brooks at 963-1069 before 8 p.m. daily. Class size is limited and a fee is charged (discounted 50 percent for osteo participants) and includes Perkins-Carpenter’s book.

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RSVP is a federal initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service, sponsored locally by SUNY Oswego and the United Way.