Salmon River Advisory Issued For Fishermen Today

ALTMAR– Terry Bennett, acting director of the Oswego County Emergency Management Office, has announced an advisory for anglers on the Salmon River due to higher water conditions today (April 19).

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Water’s high on the Oswego River as tonight’s potential thunderstorm rolls in.

Anglers should avoid fishing in or on the river until flows return to normal. As a precaution, the National Weather Service-Buffalo has issued a flood advisory for the Salmon River that is in effect until Saturday morning.

Bennett said Brookfield Renewable has informed the Emergency Management Office that the flow is higher than normal on the Salmon River due to spring runoff and warm temperatures. They urge people not to fish in or on the Salmon River until flows subside.

Law enforcement agencies will be going to the parking areas and other spots along the river to notify people they should stay out of the water.

Bennett said anglers are encouraged to fish the Oswego River behind the hotels and area tributary streams as an alternative to the Salmon River. Anglers are also finding an early season brown trout bite along the shore of Lake Ontario.

The Salmon River hydro stations will be releasing more water than usual through the hydro station gates beginning mid-morning April 19.

Brookfield indicated the high water conditions may extend through the weekend.

Brookfield is releasing the water to make room in the Salmon River Reservoir for more rain forecast for the area.

For current water level conditions for the Salmon River, people may visit the Waterline website at http://www.h2oline.com/365123.asp