Sandy Creek students practice bus evacuations using safety bus

Students at Sandy Creek Elementary School recently practiced emergency evacuation procedures using the South Jefferson Transportation Department’s Safety Bus.

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Dorothy Searles is assisted by bus driver Lisa Manchester as she leaves the bus following her escape from the emergency window exit during a recent bus

The students in Pre-K through fifth grades were assisted by staff members as they escaped the bus through the emergency roof hatch and emergency window exits.

These practice drills are important preparations in the event of a bus accident which prevents escaping through the front or rear doors.

The Sandy Creek Transportation Department drivers complete extensive testing and training every year to maintain their school bus driver certification.

Students from Sandy Creek Elementary School watch as another student emerges after safely exiting the roof hatch on the safety bus on loan from the South Jefferson Central School District’s Transportation Department. The students participated in an alternative exit drill utilizing the safety bus to practice emergency window and roof hatch exits.

Practice bus drills ensure both students and drivers are familiar with alternative exits on the buses.

For more information about the Sandy Creek Transportation Department, visit the website at or call Robin Cashel, Transportation Supervisor at (315) 387-5068.