School District Providing Info On Upcoming Vote

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego school district officials are making sure voters are well educated when they head to the polls in a couple weeks.

Besides voting on the proposed $76.6 million budget, a proposition to allow for the purchase of 10 buses and school board candidates – voters are being asked to consider a $15 million referendum for a capital project for several schools.

The capital project will involve the following areas:

Oswego High School – Roof replacement, flooring replacement and repair, flashing and masonry repair. ($2,980,700)

Leighton Elementary School – Roof replacement and air conditioning for 29 classrooms and the main office. ($1,933,600)

Riley Elementary School – Roof replacement, air conditioning in 34 classrooms and flooring repairs. ($2,130,300)

Minetto Elementary School – Roof replacement, heating-ventilation units for eight classrooms and asbestos removal. ($1,106,600)

Oswego Middle School – Security cameras ($40,000), tennis court reconstruction ($500,000), bleacher reconstruction ($450,000) and lights ($175,600) at the athletic field. ($1,165,000)

It is a $15 million referendum, Superintendent Bill Crist said. The (above) numbers don’t add up to $15 million, he explained, because some contingency funds were built into the project in case of unforeseen issues.

“The lion’s share of what we get out of this is some roof replacements and HVAC work, specifically some air conditioning work for three of our schools,” Crist said.

The middle school work is really “the completion of a project that was never finished” with the exception of the security cameras and the tennis court reconstruction “which is just due to time and condition of that particular facility,” he added.

The lights represent some unfinished business, Crist said.

“When we built the present field, track area, we had placed conduits and foundations for lighting but never completed that part,” he explained.

A lot of work has been completed around the district as the result of a previous capital project that targeted high priority items. If these items had been included then, the project would have cost more than $70 million (instead of $48.2 million).

Now, these items have become a higher priority and need attention, Crist said.

WBUC, the student run TV station, produced three programs focusing on the budget, buses and proposition.

The program will be aired on Time Warner Channel 16 on Friday from 6-8 p.m.; May 5-6 from 2-5 p.m.; May 7,9,10,11 from 6-8 p.m. and May 12-13 from 2-5 p.m.

The programs can also be viewed on line at

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  1. After seeing how the school district decided to squander $3 million of taxpayer cash on restroom renovation for the high school the only logical choice is to vote NO.

    Bill Crist notes they are building in contingency funds in case of unforeseen issues. I will note that the above numbers add up to $9,316,200. They really need $5,683,800 for contingency? Something is very off here. Contingency, to a public school system, really means “whatever in the hell we are in the mood to waste it on.” The Superintendent and school board are and always have been infamous for wasteful use of tax dollars.

    Please folks, please please please vote no on this excess and waste. A contingency of maybe 5-10% of the project, perhaps I could see. A contingency of 38%??? WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?? Vote NO NO NO NO NO

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