Senator Ritchie Hosts Phoenix Wrestling Team In Albany

Members of the Phoenix High School wrestling team were honored in Albany for their capture of the 2012 New York State Division II Championship.

The “Firebirds,” as they’re commonly known, were recognized in the Senate Chamber and presented with official Legislative recognition for their February victory, where they claimed the state title with a top score of 72.5 points.

Phoenix Wrestling
Phoenix Wrestling team honored

“It was my pleasure to host the Firebirds here at the Capitol today,” said Senator Ritchie. “It’s not every day that I get the chance to honor such a bright, determined group of young people. Their drive and dedication has enabled them to reach their goal of winning the state title; a feat worthy of recognition that few teams accomplish.”

The team’s coaches, Head Coach Gene Mills and Assistant Coach Dave Devito were also honored.

“These young athletes didn’t do it alone,” said Senator Ritchie. “Standing behind them the entire season were two dedicated coaches, as well as a loyal community of fans back home.”

In addition to being honored in the Senate Chamber, the Firebirds also joined Senator Ritchie for a pizza lunch and also took a tour of the Capitol.

(Senator Ritchie is pictured in the attached photo, Phoenix Wrestling Team.jpg, with the team and its coaches)