Sincere Thank You!


On February 24, 2010, the City of Oswego lost one of its most respected and beloved citizens, Donald C. Beauchene. From high school football standout, golfer and traveler, to one of the city’s most respected fire chiefs he touched many people’s lives.

In the days following “Beau’s” death several people were by his family’s side offering support and condolences. Individual recognition for everyone would go on for pages but the family of Donald Beauchene would wish to give everyone who supported us a sincere heartfelt thank you. Words can hardly express the gratitude we have for the kindness and sympathy that was displayed.

We as a family would be remiss if we didn’t recognize some individuals who helped to ease the pain and sorrow we all experienced. Jeff McCrobie (Oswego Fire Department – First Assistant Fire Chief); Reverend Bruce Schrader (Grace Lutheran Church); Pastor Sebastian Foti (Oswego Fire Department Chaplain); Buddy Wilson (Oswego Fire Department); Bill Wiltsie ; John Nelson (Nelson Funeral Home); and especially the City of Oswego Fire Department (active employees and retirees) including Tom Amedio, Jack Saddington, Hank Babcock, Jeanne Berlin, Rich Wart, Peter Donovan, Rob McCarey, Mark Murray, and Mike Cutro; the Oswego Firefighters Benevolent Association, the Oswego Police department, the City of Oswego employees, and the United States Navy were integral parts in preparing the most touching funeral services that will be long remembered. Beau himself would’ve been so proud to know how people felt about him and the steps they took to say their goodbyes. It is only fitting to recognize these people for their sincerity, those same people who are often not given just recognition for the public roles they play in our community.

In the days that come we will all miss Beau either because we won’t see him golfing at the Oswego Country Club, or at coffee daily at “The Ritz”, “McDonald’s”, or with the porch committee at “The Club”, at the Farmer’s Market, or wherever he traveled but we will have the lasting memories of what this great community did to express their condolences.

With the utmost and sincere thank you.

Judy L. (Beauchene) Mooney (daughter) and family
Kathleen M. (Beauchene) DiRenna, (daughter) and family
Elizabeth A. Pecora, life partner of 27 years