State Police Seek Leads in Man Missing from Oswego since 2012

FULTON, NY – The State Police in Fulton are seeking the public’s help in any new leads regarding a man missing from the town of Scriba since June of 2012.

John T. Humphrey, would be 50 years old (DOB: 11/21/63).

John T. Humphrey
John T. Humphrey

Humphrey went missing from the Sumatra Apartment complex located on Birch Lane in the town of Scriba.

He was last seen walking on State Route 104 in the town of New Haven on 6/2/13, near the New Haven Fire Department.

Humphrey was last seen wearing jeans and a gray sweatshirt.

He is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs approximately 120 pounds.

Humphrey is a military veteran that has sought treatment at area VA hospitals in the past.

Anyone with information should contact the New York State Police in Fulton (315) 593-6194.


  1. This has really gone on too long it is ridiculous. John Humphrey is missing yet since 2012, meanwhile his home was towed out of the Evergreen Park where he lived for many years with his family, his wife Marie Humphrey took off and left the 4 children in the park in the trailer they lived in 3 of the children were left in the care of their oldest child. Then DSS got involved and took the 3 younger children and put them in a foster home, the older one was separated from them with only weekly visits and she was living with some friends in a park up the road from Evergreen. The older child has been trying to keep the law enforcement going on looking for their father of which in my opinion they have not been doing for the past two years. Their must be some information out there someplace about john Humphrey, he was on social security couldn’t the law enforcement find out from social security if he is still receiving his checks and where they are being mailed to. Has the rescue mission on Gifford street been checked in to and any other places that take the homeless in. There are answers out there they just need to be saut after. PLEASE FIND JOHN HUMPHREY HE HAS BEEN GONE LONG ENOUGH. PEOPLE NEED ANSWERS …

  2. i agree with you 100% kathy!! he has been gone way too long. i think they have stopped til a new lead comes up. its not right that he has been gone this long, i really hope they find him because if tehy dont then i will take it upon myself and go look for him.

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