Students Have A New Voice On Board Of Education

OSWEGO, NY – After three years, Oswego City School District students have a new voice on the board of education.

On July 15, Meghan Nyman officially began her tenure as the student representative on the board of education.

Student rep Meghan Nyman chats with board member Jim Tschudy during last week's meeting.
Student rep Meghan Nyman chats with board member Jim Tschudy during last week's meeting.

She is a non-voting member of the board who represents the concerns of the student body.

As head of the student council, she replaces Gabrielle Rumrill on the board. Rumrill, who held the position for three years, graduated in June.

Nyman said she is looking forward to representing her fellow students.

“There is a lot going on in the district right now,” she said. “It’s important that the students are aware of what is happening and have a voice.”

She will be a senior this fall at OHS.

Besides school, she juggles a busy schedule including work and several extra-curricular activities.

“I dance a lot, with Miss Kelly’s Dance Studio. I have been involved with student council for several years and the National Honor Society,” she said. “I am also a member of the Oswego County Youth Court and I’m on the Oswego County-City Youth Bureau board of representatives.”

At the July meeting, she didn’t take part in any of the discussions.

“I wanted to sit back and listen and get a feel for what is going on,” she explained. “There is a lot of stuff that will have a direct impact on the students.”

There are many budget issues, such as art and music programs, that she is concerned about, she noted.

“I will definitely try to keep the board members informed about things that are important to me and all the other students,” she said.

After graduation, she wants to continue her education with an eye toward political science and international relations. She hasn’t decided if she will attend college in New York State or elsewhere.

“I’d like a career in government; not necessarily as an elected official,” she said. “I haven’t really decided just what; I am considering all the options.”

Did her predecessor give her any advice?

“She told me, ‘speak your mind when you feel it’s necessary,'” Nyman said.

She will do the best she can to represent the students, she vowed.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn and speak on the issues that are important to the students,” she said.