SUNY Oswego’s Start-Up NY plan wins state approval

OSWEGO — Empire State Development has approved SUNY Oswego’s Start-Up NY campus plan. The college can now begin reviewing applications from businesses interested in partnering with the college in the Start-Up NY initiative.

“I am very pleased to announce that our campus plan is fully approved by the state of New York,” said college President Deborah F. Stanley. “Advancing our academic mission while creating jobs for our region is an exciting opportunity for our college, which is already an economic anchor in Central New York and the largest employer in Oswego County.”

Oswego’s newly approved plan designates more than 9 acres of land and nearly 10,500 square feet of office space as Start-Up NY tax-free zones for business development.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo last October launched Start-Up NY, providing major incentives for qualifying businesses to relocate or expand through affiliations with colleges and universities. Businesses have the opportunity to operate free of state and local taxes on or near academic campuses.

Their employees will pay no state or local income taxes for 10 years.

The key qualification: The company must add new jobs, providing an economic lift to the surrounding community without endangering nearby competitors.

In Oswego, parcels along Route 104 near Romney Field House and near the Lake Ontario shore to the west of the main campus join space in the SUNY Oswego Phoenix Center and the Syracuse Tech Garden in the college’s initial efforts to attract new or expanding businesses to strengthen the regional economy and boost opportunities for students and faculty.

Leveraging academic strong suits at SUNY Oswego, the college plans to target innovation-oriented industry sectors: advanced manufacturing, robotics, information technology, automation control systems, sustainable and green processes, energy-related manufacturing, electronics and computer software, telecommunications and telemedicine.

“This is much more than a new public-private partnership effort,” said Pamela Caraccioli, deputy to the president for external partnerships and economic development. “Start-Up NY gives us real incentives to leverage our unique human and capital assets in our efforts to advance research and innovation, and education and training of our students and graduates.”

Potential sites

SUNY Oswego’s newly approved Start-Up NY plan also lists a variety of future parcels and office spaces that the college may seek to designate as tax free, including land in Oswego’s Intermodal Center and Port Expansion Center, the city’s Lake Ontario Industrial Park and the Oswego County Industrial Park in the town of Schroeppel, along with space in Mackin Hall on campus and in office buildings around the city and county.

Caraccioli said SUNY Oswego aims to integrate Start-Up NY partnerships with the college’s longstanding emphasis on experiential educational experiences for students — internships, collaborative research, cooperative education, and service learning, all of which contribute to deeper learning and career readiness.

The college’s plan establishes a review process for business-college partnership proposals that includes input from students and faculty and staff members. Following approval by President Stanley, the college will submit partnership proposals to Empire State Development, the state’s chief economic development agency, for final approval.

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  1. Another way to screw the companies that are here and pay taxes. You can see by reading this that the site does not have to be on campus. Just pick a spot and they will hold a class or two there to claim it is a SUNY School. Gimicks is all this Gov. Cuomo is good for.

  2. It’s not fair nor reasonable for new business to get tax breaks while established community businesses are paying full taxes, putting existing business at a disadvantage. “The key qualification: The company must add new jobs, providing an economic lift to the surrounding community without endangering nearby competitors” is a step in the right direction.

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