Suspicious Incident Investigated At Wal-Mart

OSWEGO, NY – At approximately 1:10 p.m. today (July 29), Oswego Police were dispatched to Wal-Mart, 341 State Route 104 regarding a bomb threat.

Prior to police arrival, the management of Wal-Mart had evacuated the store per company policy.

Upon police arrival a search was initiated with the assistance of Wal-Mart employees for any thing in the store that might appear suspicious.

The search yielded no credible threats and the store was reopened after Wal-Mart management determined that there was no danger to the public.

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  1. What is going on with the person or person’s that would do this type of terrable thing. What is wrong with you that do something like this. Do you think it is funny well it’s not and this type of behavior has to stop. Do you just want to waste police officers time because you don’t know any better. Grow up and don’t waste our tax money dollars. Stop and think what you are doing before you do stupid things and endangering people’s lives with these bomb threats plus wasting time and money for our city of Oswego.The citizen in our city don’t need our tax’s to go up anymore than what they are already with your stupid ideas and behavior.

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