Talk is Cheap!

To The Editor:
All I’ve heard from city leaders is talk about how great the city of Fulton was and is.

How it is a great place to raise a family.

How we have so many great things to offer people to visit and stay here in Fulton.

I agree, but it needs some work.

Talk about how we have FBB (Fulton Block Builders) and how they are sprucing up our neighborhoods making everything so nice.

Enhancing the neighborhoods to entice new residents of the city of Fulton.

Talk about how great it is that we have won the DRI money to make our city a great place to come and visit and live in again.

All that talk is cheap and meaningless.

At the Common Council meeting on Nov. 19 a public hearing was held to change a city charter that would change the requirement of residency for certain city offices.

Not elected offices, but appointed ones.

I spoke against this change.

So what they are saying is Fulton is good, Fulton is great, but you don’t have to live here to collect a paycheck from here.

That is hard earned and hard payed Fulton city tax dollars could be going to another municipality.

It is my contention that in order to understand the problems of a city you must live within the city boundaries.

If we are good enough for you to receive our tax dollars then we should be good enough for you to live here.

The motion failed at the November meeting and another public hearing is scheduled for Dec. 3 at 7 p.m.

Please attend and voice your opinion.

Either for or against.

Now they want to make it that you can live in Oswego County.

That would mean we would have a Fire Chief or Police Chief that lives in Oswego or Pulaski and take our tax dollars there and pay their taxes there.

I say you can recruit from where ever you want, but when and if you hire someone they must relocate to inside the city of Fulton within a timeframe.

Fulton tax dollars for Fulton residents.

Frank Castiglia Jr.


  1. If we are trying to make Fulton a place to work,live and visit then we need to insist that the primary city job positions should be occupied by city residents..however, recruiting for those jobs within Oswego County would open the field of qualified candidates. Beware of not requiring residency….in the future a mayor or common council seat election could bring about a person living in a surrounding town or city representing our city.

  2. When teachers bring their kids to the school system where they work, from the district where they live, they can pay some tuition for the convenience. How about doing the same for out-of-town appointees in Fulton? $1500 a year sounds about right.

  3. I have no issue with your stance and you have presented some very valid points on the issue but your contention “that in order to understand the problems of a city you must live within the city boundaries.” is a bit exaggerated. Certainly smart, competent, experienced experts in their field can have an impact whether they sleep in the town or not.

  4. I believe as long as they are qualified, where they live shouldn’t be an issue … People live and work in Fulton and shop in Syracuse, Clay, etc … It’s a matter of getting the job done properly … Just another thing to complain about … smh

  5. I own property in Fulton but live outside the city. I don’t get to vote for the people who tax my property. I have no say in how my money is spent. Maybe I shouldn’t have to pay city property taxes. Sound silly? So does telling people where they have to live to earn a paycheck.

  6. Death and Taxes: They can live where ever they want too, to earn a paycheck. However if they want to be a dept. head or deputy dept. head in the City being paid with taxpayers money they must live in the City. Sound silly! I don’t think so, it makes sense. It use to be that all city employees had to live inside the City. Only Dept. heads have to live inside the City now. If our City isn’t good enough to live in then our money isn’t good enough for you.

  7. Frank? Right on! Common sense – or at least one would think so!
    Death and Taxes? If you resided in that property, then you certainly would have the unencumbered right to vote in that municpalities local election. We vote where we domicile/register.

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