Thank You For Helping Others

To The Editor:

Success… can at a time. I am a little behind in getting this thank you out, yet I can assure you that it has not left my thoughts. Life simply caught up after the holidays and I am now able to sit down and completely enjoy these next few minutes.

I approached the Tops Supermarket in Fulton and manager Jim Monohan about running a second annual can drive to benefit Catholic Charities and the need for veggies in their holiday baskets.

I also discussed the addition of adding the Meals on Wheels program to this effort.

He and his staff did not hesitate to take on this task.

My wife and I kicked off the program with the purchase of 20 cases (12 cans make a case) and the Tops crew took it from there.

The program was a great success with a lot of can goods and many non-perishable items being donated.

There was enough supply to assist the holiday basket program and also for the meals on wheels small pantry.

First Gold Star….. (Meals on wheels have often found that drivers that deliver in poor weather find the recipient of the meals without backup food. This thought of an elderly person(s) going without backup food created the drivers taking along a few cans of food to assist in carrying over the spell of bad weather with at least some nutritional support…… Heroes every one of them!)

The other two gold stars… to Catholic Charities and Helen for making sure that during Christmas, families have a decent meal on the table and know that the people of the community care enough to donate in order to make this happen. Can you imagine the work that goes into this process, from intake, processing needs vs. supply, assembly, to finally watching a family go out the door knowing they are fed? Great Job!

Finally the staff at Tops that put that box right up front and has the culture of assisting others in a way that it spreads to the shoppers. Thank you for being in our community and for being the backbone of this effort. You, ladies and gentlemen well deserve that third gold star.

Finally to those that donated, I cannot thank you enough.

There are no other words than “thank you” and the knowledge that we have some of the greatest people in New York that live in our communities.

I can assure you that every single item donated made a small positive change in someone’s life.

Once again, from programs to donors, thank you for making this a success!

James Karasek
Oswego county Legislator