Thank You, Voters

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters in the 25th District of the county of Oswego in the city of Fulton for their vote of confidence in me to elect me to be their public servant in the county legislature as their county legislator for the 25th District.

During the course of my campaign I visited more than 500 households and was able to see over more than voters and hand them information about who I was and what I stood for.

On Tuesday Nov. 5, more than 300 of decided that I was the one you chose to represent you.

Thank you so very much.

I would like to let all 1,800 voters know that I will work hard for all of them.

I also would like to say a big THANK YOU to the households that asked to have a yard sign placed in their yard.

Thank you again voters. I only hope to make you proud.

Frank Castiglia Jr. (county legislator-elect 25th District)