‘The Awesome ’80s Prom’ to Pop Through CNY This Summer

TDJ director and lead singer for "Pop Rox" (Central NY's premier '80s band) Derek Potocki (Mr. '80s himself).

OSWEGO, NY – Director Derek Potocki is no stranger to the stage or the pop culture of the 1980s.

He is totally stoked to bring Theatre Du Jour’s first show of the season, “The Awesome ’80s Prom,” to the totally tubular Central New York.

TDJ director and lead singer for “Pop Rox” (Central NY’s premier ’80s band) Derek Potocki (Mr. ’80s himself).

According to Potocki, he plans to “safety dance” his cast down every cliché road there is this summer, as they travel to three exclusive and gnarly locations for an evening of interactive dinner theatre.

“The Awesome ’80s Prom” opens on May 31 at The Tailwater Lodge in Altmar and continues on June 6 at The Eis House in Mexico and then June 14 at Virgilio’s Event Center in Fulton.

For more information or to secure your tickets – log on to dujourcny.com.

The Theatre Du Jour show is based on Ken Davenport’s Off-Broadway creation, “The Awesome ’80s Prom,” that premiered in 2004 at Webster Hall in New York City and was a blast-from-the-past party set at Wanaget High’s Senior Prom in 1989.

All of your favorite characters from your favorite ’80s movies are at the prom.

From the captain of the football team to the Asian exchange student, from the geek to the hottie head cheerleader, they’re all competing for prom king and queen.

“As a huge ’80s pop culture addict, I knew I had to see The Awesome ’80s Prom in New York City,” said Potocki. “I went and it was everything I wanted it to be, and it was presented as if I was going to the prom in 1989 with every John Hughes character ever made mingling with the crowd.

“We all danced and sang with the DJ spinning the tunes and watched the various actors do their bits throughout the night in the crowd. It was amazing, especially if you didn’t get to go to the prom with your current partner, so now you could make a whole new memory with them at your prom,” he added.

“A few years later, I got to actually be in the cast of this show at the Landmark theater in Syracuse and now I get to direct it,” he continued. “I am also the lead singer of ‘Pop Rox’ a 1980s cover band, so the ’80s is never far from my mind and I was definitely geared up for the challenge.”

According to Potocki, casting wasn’t easy, but he believes he got some of the best talent around acting in and running the show with him.

He said that Central New York needs to get ready for a like “totally awesome rad experience” and a “gag me with a spoon” kinda night as Theater Du Jour presents “The Awesome ’80s Prom.”

Joining the Theatre Du Jour’s ’80s party this year are Norman Berlin III, Sarah Anson, Adam William Schmidtmann, Liz Walton, Joshua DeLorenzo, Donald DelPriore, Jen Marriner, Jade Burkhart and Alex Taylor.

Also, back for more shenanigans this season are Stephanie Johnson, Pablo Mendoza, Jodi Halczyn, Peter Fekete, Jessie Dobrzynski, Ryan Benson Smith, Katie Mahaffey and Tammy Ackman Thompson.

And duh, you’ll wanna wear your ’80s best and rock your fishnet and leg warmers kiddies.

This show is seriously interactive and tons of fun.