The Pet Of The Week – Suki



OSWEGO, NY – Have you ever seen a cat quite so handsome as Suki?

He is not even a year old yet and a big strong boy with beautiful markings (not chunky – just BIG).


He LOVES the other cats in his foster home, absolutely loves them and is playful and loving with them.

He loves to steal plastic bracelets and hair ties . . . his foster mom finds them everywhere.

But here’s the thing about Suki.

He was skittish when he was first found at about 12 weeks, half-starved and covered in fleas.

After some time with his foster family, he became very attached and loving.

Then he had his neuter surgery and for some reason it was like he lost his confidence around people.

For a couple of days he was very unbalanced.

He came around health wise, but his skittishness came back with a vengeance. (We do wish there was a better word than “skittish, which we hate.)

Luckily for Suki, his foster family has been totally patient with this turn of events.

He will now let his foster mom pet him and he sleeps at her feet usually, but occasionally comes up to her head to wake her  up to get pets.

He follows her around and sometimes lets her pick him up.

So ever so slowly he is getting better.

He obviously is capable of affection toward people, but it would take a very special someone with HUGE patience to give him the new quiet (no dogs—he hates dogs) home that he needs to learn to be confident again.

Please contact our office at 207-1070 or email [email protected] for information on adopting Suki.

Are you that special person?

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