They Met in Oswego; WWII Broke Them Apart; Old Letters Brought Them Back Together

The Hartford Courant has the wonderful love story of Bill Hart and Phyllis O’Brien.

They fell in love when they were students at what was then called Oswego State Teachers College.  Bill went off to war.  Phyllis, of Baldwinsville, dated and then married another man.  Bill married when he came home from the war.

61 years later, they reconnected.

“When I met her again, it was like the time hadn’t gone by,” Bill says. “You know when you meet someone, you can see that inner quality; you can see substance; you can see feeling. It still works today as it did then. The other day, she turned around and looked at me. I turned around and looked at her, and we just held each other.”

“He’s a very loving, caring person. That’s why I love him,” Phyllis says. “It is the same as it was years ago. We can’t believe it.”

Go to the Courant’s website to read the entire story.

[Thanks to Tim Nekritz for pointing us to the story.]

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  1. These people LOOK 60, not like they dated sixty years ago. A handsome pair. Congratulations. A love of a lifetime, or a love that lasts a lifetime.

    Debbie Engelke
    another Oswego grad who married an Oswego grad!

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