Thom Benedetto Best Person For The Jo

To The Editor:
It’s vital that we vote our values, so I’ll be voting for Thom Benedetto for Family Court Judge.

He has worked 35 years in the legal field and community, including Family Court, school board, as an assistant DA and as a lawyer representing people on all types of cases.

I personally have known Thom for most of my life and can honestly say I know no one with the work ethics and integrity that he has put forth in his life.

It is time we have honest hardworking people in office.

Please get out and vote for Thom.

Heather Buckley


  1. I took interest in Thom Benedetto three years ago. His dedication to canine search and rescue. His loyalty to his dog. Tells a lot about a person. I watched as he ran his race last year. Read articles, looked into the man he was, what he could offer all our children and families in our county. I take pride in my decisions, and I hold the responsibility of being a voter dear to my heart. It is my obligation to make a wise decision when I cast that vote. The last race was looking bleak for Thom being the candidate to win the election. This is when he showed me the man Thom Benedetto really is. He continued in the race. He continued to spread his beliefs and to make the voters aware of what he brought to the table. He is a win/win choice for us! He has already proven himself as the person that cares about families and children. It isn’t just politics by no means to him. It is a way of life, to do what is needed as Family Court Judge.

  2. Like a good RINO, TB believes in forcing unnecessary vaccinations on children. So, this Republican voter will definitely not cast a vote for him.

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