Tobacco-Free Policies for Worksite Grounds

Dear Editor,

Improving a company’s overall public image can begin with adopting a tobacco-free policy for worksite grounds.

Growing evidence suggests that secondhand smoke can be just as harmful outdoors as it is indoors.

Creating a tobacco-free policy will protect the health of both employees and visitors, in addition to reducing tobacco litter.

Furthermore, prohibiting tobacco use on worksite grounds will help employees quit, which could provide financial benefit to businesses.

A single smoking employee can cost thousands of dollars more than a non-smoking employee.

This is based on lost productivity through excessive breaks, the increase in absenteeism of smokers, as well as the additional medical expenses increasing insurance premiums.

If an employer is interested in adopting a smoke-free grounds policy and getting free signs for their business, they can contact the Tobacco Free Network of CNY by emailing [email protected] or calling 315-343-2344 ext 10.


Joe Wicks


  1. Show me the evidence that proves someone’s health was harmed in anyway because they walked 20 feet by someone smoking a cigarette outdoors. There is non. I am sure is is evidence that if 2 or 3 employees are standing with there cars running in the winter warming up before they get out of work or while they are cleaning there cars off is far worse than a cigarette or 2. Everyone warms up there cars not everyone smokes. There would not be lost productivity if there bosses did not allow smokers to take extra breaks, that’s on the employer not the employee. I have been in the work force for 45 years and have seen more people loose time because of work injuries and lack of common sense then smoking related issues 100 times over. Why not do something about that ?

  2. There’s no proven safe level of second hand smoke exposure; indoor or outdoor. Protecting your employees seems like a very positive and proactive response.

  3. You will have to pry my pipe from my cold dead lips, before i give up smokeing my pipe, some people have to much time on their hands, if you dont like it move the hell away from me.

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