TOPS Tips for Preventing Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month – Diabetes is a very serious disease that leads to a number of health risks. Most often, diabetes affects the overweight and obese, but family history and ethnicity can play a role as well. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) has some tips to help reduce the risk of developing the disease.

1.Lose weight—Studies show that the single most affective step to lowering the risk for developing diabetes is to take off weight and keep it off.
2.Move more—Exercise contributes to weight loss, but even the most sedentary people enjoy the benefits of getting some exercise.
3.Eat more vegetables—Vegetables have fiber, which is filling, and have a host of vitamins and minerals that help in a variety of ways, including boosting the immune system.

4.Choose low-fat foods—This will, of course, help with weight loss, but eating more low-fat foods also helps protect against heart disease.
5.Drink more water—Cutting down or cutting out sugary drinks means fewer empty calories. Water helps flush the body of toxins and helps keep systems working smoothly.

“Diabetes can be prevented,” said Malone. “Members who follow the advice in The Choice Is Mine, TOPS’ lifestyle guide, will definitely see an improvement in their health and their quality of life.” Many members have stated that with the loss of weight and healthy lifestyle changes have helped to keep their diabetes under control. Many say they no longer need medication and feel better than ever.”

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TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a nonprofit, noncommercial weight-loss support and wellness education organization with thousands of associate chapters in the United States and Canada. Members (about 180,000 worldwide), learn about nutrition, portion control, food planning, exercise, and more, in weekly meetings. Weigh-ins, group feedback, and support help members achieve their goals. Founded in 1948, TOPS is the original weight-loss support organization and its International Headquarters is located in Milwaukee, WI.