Tractor Trailer Hits Fulton Slice And Go Deli

A tractor trailer crashed into the Fulton Slice N Go Deli. Photo by Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – At approximately 2:15 p.m. today, Jan. 20, a tractor trailer traveling south bound on State Route 481 at Division Street left the roadway and struck the Slice and Go Deli on the south west corner of the intersection.

There were two occupants in the building but there were no injuries according to the Fulton Police Department.

Road closures are in effect due to the motor vehicle crash at the intersection of State Route 481 and Division Street in the city of Fulton are closed.

State Route 481 from State Route 3 South to Fay Street will be closed for several hours as National Grid repairs a gas line damaged during the incident.

The incident is still under investigation.

UPDATE — as of 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Oswego County Today spoke to the tractor trailer driver, Kristen Levy who works for Super Ego Holding and is from Chicago.

“The right lane was covered in snow,” Levy said. “Due to the snow on the ground, I veered the tractor into the building and just slid off the road.”

The tractor trailer was headed to Fulton for TQL.

Levy said she will head back home once she completes her 34 hour reset and speaks with the Department of Transportation.

“I’m just glad that they checked my vitals and I’m alive,” Levy said.

Levy waited on scene and two strangers gave her a hot drink, something to eat and hand warmers to keep warm in the cold weather.

The roads have since unblocked and traffic is able to travel on Route 481 past the Slice N Go Deli.

Police block off 481. Photo by Kassadee Paulo


  1. Hmmmm, I went through that same area around noon, there was no snow on the roads. Wondering if she fell asleep or got off the edge of the road and she was pulled off the road. The truth will come out. The first responders should be able to verify if she’s telling the truth. It’s sad that she only seems to be thinking of her well being and not about the business owners who were in the building at the time.

  2. I just went through there the roads were clear! Maybe if she would have payed attention to where she was driving! SMH

  3. I’ve driven tractor-trailers down frozen 11% grades in PA and never did this however it was a long time ago…long before cell phones, if you catch my snow-drift.

  4. I regularly deliver to the factory directly behind this deli. There is no way “snow” pulled her that far off 481. She fell asleep, hopped the curb and destroyed that small building. Her selfishness after the fact is alarming. Not only did she destroy their business but she could have easily killed multiple people.

  5. No snow when I drove to work that morning. She doesn’t seem to be thankful that she didn’t kill anyone in the building. Hopefully this investigation is ongoing.

  6. “I’m just glad that they checked my vitals and I’m alive,” Levy said.

    Yeah, nevermind the welfare two people inside the business you just destroyed.

  7. I went through there about an hour before this happened and there was no snow on the road. There was no snow coming down so there was no drifting or anything going on.

  8. She made it sound like the deli was going to kill her. I was born and raised around the big rig due to my grandfather and both my Uncles. I heard many horror stories. This one is so minor that it’s buried in the ground. I am glad that the people inside were not hurt or killed. I think the driver should be continued to be investigated. And then fired for making a false report. I moved out of Fulton going on 2 years ago and I know that they keep that road so clear during the winter for this reason and because of emergency responders

  9. That must have been terrifying for the driver. It looks like she had the roof on her lap. The snow was definitely over the curb and into the driving lane and since she was driving on a curve, possibly with cars to her left, it’s no wonder she lost traction.
    @Patricia: “Most” drivers are not on their phones….

  10. *complains on yelp*

    *went to slice and go today but it was not even there, literally something that you think would happen on a bad acid trip but literally happens in real life*

  11. Areil. Terrifying for the driver how about the people inside that doesn’t matter and her interview sounded like it was a big joke to her and how come everyone else said the roads were clear but you you need to get out more and stop just assuming

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