Twenty-five Birdlebough students inducted into National Honor Society

More than two dozen John C. Birdlebough High School students joined elite company on Dec. 17, as their service, scholarship, leadership and character were recognized with induction into the National Honor Society.

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John C. Birdlebough High School Principal Greg Molloy, Superintendent Judy Belfield and National Honor Society Adviser Angela Neiss congratulate one of the 25 new NHS members during the induction ceremony Dec. 17.

“An honor such as this is a wonderful way for the school and community to recognize and celebrate the choices and sometimes the sacrifices you have made,” said National Honor Society Adviser Angela Neiss. “I’m looking forward to working with each and every one of you throughout the next school year.”

The 25 inductees joined 33 current National Honor Society members, who celebrate scholarly achievement and service to the community through several initiatives during the school year.

According to Neiss, members help organize blood drives, serve Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate, participate in an Earth Day community cleanup and volunteer for a variety of activities.

It is this kind of service that keynote speaker Joanna Young, JCB’s instrumental teacher, cited as a critical component of National Honor Society membership.

“Students have concerned themselves with the welfare and well-being of their fellow classmates and society as a whole,” Young said. “Their actions as leaders will be models for others to follow, both in school and around the community. The leaders of this generation of students will have to be more resourceful than ever to shape their own lives and the lives of others around them. “

Principal Greg Molloy told the inductees that their actions have not only dictated their membership in the honor society, but will also serve as a foundation for who they will become as adults.

“As I reviewed the recommendations written on your behalf, it was evident that you are all victors; not to be confused with victims,” Molloy said. “As victors, you are described as responding to life’s circumstances with care and selflessness, versus the victims, who react with vengeance and selfishness.”

Molloy said the victors’ perspective was full of “ands” compared to the victims’, which is filled with “buts.” He encouraged the inductees to continue being victors and leaders in the community and to avoid taking shortcuts.

With encouraging words from the speakers, the inductees took the National Honor Society pledge and Superintendent Judy Belfield presented each with a pin signifying their membership.

New members include Kellen Arnold, MacKenzie Berube, Alexis Bowering, Marisa Dona, Mike Doran, Chris Fisk, Nicole Fitzgerald, Matti Gleason, Sarah Hoag, Jordan Jock, Jessica Jones, Meghan Lees, Chris Nicolella, Meghan Rowe, Michael Sadoski, Jonathan Schmidt, Austin Scruton, Andrew Smith, Morgan Stobart, Zack VanGorder, Abby Venskus, Derick White, Caroline Woodside, Ryan Wranesh and Jolene Zaia.