Understanding Standards-Based Progress Reports

November’s STLE 3 meeting (Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness) shared insight into the Fulton City School District’s Standards-Based Progress Reports.

The new style of progress report benefits students by allowing them to be more aware of what is expected from them.

As opposed to receiving a single numeric grade for each subject, a student would obtain marks for a list of skills and knowledge that they are responsible for learning.

Letter grades do not tell parents which skills their child has mastered or whether he or she is working at grade level.

The clarification of expectations in the new Standard-Based Progress Reports will help parents understand how to better assist their child in being academically successful.

Students are assessed in relation to grade level standards, not measured against the work of their peers.

This process will aid in identifying a child’s strengths and weaknesses and encourages all students to do their best.

An informational handout at the meeting gave parents some great advice:

“It is important that adults involved convey to the child that learning is a process that needs to be respected. A grading scale score of 2 while learning a new skill or concept is appropriate. A grading scale score of 3 demonstrating successful performance at the grade level standard. A grading scale score of 4 indicates that a child is consistently demonstrating skill and is producing above grade level work.”

A video resource provided at the meeting to help parents identify what specific grade level work looks like was www.milestones.greatkids.org

If you have further questions about Standards-Based Progress Reports, please contact your child’s teacher or building principal.