Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition Strongly Supports Legislation To Protect Nuclear Power

The James A. Fitzpatrick nuclear plant.

The James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plant.

OSWEGO, NY – The Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition today (Feb. 3) announced its strong support for two pieces of legislation introduced by Assemblyman William Barclay and sponsored by Senator Patty Ritchie that would help secure the future of the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba.

The coalition, a rapidly growing group of Upstate New York elected representatives, business leaders, members of organized labor, economic development organizations and community leaders, is fighting to save the plant and advocate for changes that will ensure that Upstate New York energy producers can continue operating for years to come.

L. Michael Treadwell, of the County of Oswego IDA and Operation Oswego County, praised Assemblyman Barclay and Senator Ritchie for their continued efforts to save the plant and help preserve carbon-free power production in New York.

“Assemblyman Barclay and Senator Ritchie have been leaders in the fight to not only keep FitzPatrick open, but secure the future of New York’s other generating facilities as well,” Treadwell said. “The pieces of legislation they are sponsoring is exactly what we need and another example of their leadership and dedication to preserving Upstate Energy Jobs. We urge their colleagues in the Assembly and the Senate to support these bills which will go a long way towards keeping FitzPatrick open and allowing it to continue delivering carbon-free power the New York market needs.”

“Entergy has stated the reason FitzPatrick is closing is economic and these bills would go a long way toward addressing these concerns and preserving 600 local skilled jobs that FitzPatrick provides,” he added.

Last week, Assemblyman Barclay introduced two bills in the New York State Assembly aimed at addressing issues New York’s nuclear facilities are now facing.

The first bill would provide a one-time $60 million tax credit to the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant.

The second would make nuclear plants eligible for zero-carbon emission payments.

Both bills are needed to help ensure that Upstate nuclear facilities can continue to compete in the marketplace.

Senator Ritchie will sponsor both in the State Senate.

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