Village of Phoenix Boil Water Advisory: Lifted

UPDATE: As of Sunday, December 2, the Boil Water Advisory for Phoenix residents has been LIFTED

PHOENIX, NY – As of Tuesday morning (Nov. 27) residents in the village of Phoenix and any water districts in the towns that the village serves are under a Boil Water Advisory, according to Village Administrator James Lynch.

A water main break on Lock Street/Country Route 12 was noticed on Sunday evening. The Phoenix Department of Public Works began repair on the water main Monday morning.

After 24 hours, the water main break was repaired in its entirety.

However, as required by New York State Department of Health, a Boil Water Advisory was issued for a minimum of two days.

Lynch said the village must receive two consecutive passing water samples from the Department of Health before the advisory can be lifted. Each sample takes 24 hours to complete with the first having been sent out earlier today.

A water main break presents the opportunity for ground water to enter through the broken pipe and can also cause an extended period of time with no pressure in the lines, Lynch explained.

For these reasons, the village must be proactive in enacting a Boil Water Advisory.

Water can be used for purposes that do not involve ingesting it, such as showering and flushing the toilet.

Lynch advises all affected residents to bring tap water to a boil for at least one minute and let cool before using for purposes such as drinking, preparing food, washing dishes, making ice, and brushing teeth.

Bottled water certified for sale by the NYS Department of Health is another safe option, he added.

Stay with Oswego County Today for updates on the village of Phoenix Boil Water Advisory as they become available or visit the village website for information.

A flyer regarding the Village of Phoenix water main break.