Volney Honors Students Who Show Integrity

VOLNEY – Outstanding students at Volney Elementary who have exhibited integrity and goal progress were recognized during the building’s recent monthly honors assembly.

Principal’s Award honorees for the month of February show off their certificates of recognition as Principal Todd Terpening stands, in back, in a show of support.

Students in grades kindergarten through six who have worked toward academic and social achievements with their teacher were noted as being on a roll.

For their efforts, certificates were presented to the following students: Catalina Motyka, Lucas Vosbury, Kendra Turner, Jocelyn Vant, Aiden Noel, Ayden Richards, Lucas LaBeef, Sadie Davis, Abriella Carbaugh, Zoey Hamilton, Christian Mintonye, Ronan Guynn, Rylan Wise, Ethan Clark, Hayden Smith, Alyson Sheffield and Calie Shepard.

Volney Elementary School students are on a roll with goal progress for the month of February.

Also recognized were students who displayed the virtue of the month, integrity, in their classroom. Principal Todd Terpening presented recipients with Principal’s Awards because they had self-consciously regulated what they felt and what they did. Honorees include: Emerie Dorschel, Elissa Wise, Colt Ermini, Alanna Blais, Lucas Rando, Rylee Emeterio, Tessa Morey, Abel Eby, Izabel Flood, Ethan Gilbert, Chace Green, Chase Clark, Braedon Prock, Dylan Rogers, Nathaniel Osborne, Aden Lavallee, Ava Pelky and Carter Zimmerman.

The Volney Student Leader Group helped introduce March’s virtue, perseverance.