Volney Welcomes Assemblyman Barclay & State Senate Candidate Dave Renzi

Submitted article

As part of its information series for area residents the Town of Volney is announcing that Assemblyman Will Barclay and State Senate candidate Dave Renzi will be guests at the Volney Town Meeting on Thursday September 11th at 7 PM.  Area residents are encouraged to attend.

This represents the third in a series of ongoing informational sessions the Town has put together for area residents.  The intention is to allow residents to meet and speak to their representatives or people skilled in specific areas of relevance.  A recent information session on residential windmills and solar units filled the Town Hall.  These sessions are held in conjunction with the Regular Town Board meetings.

This session is of special interest as both individuals were not only involved in election campaigns, but may be serving in the state legislature during a time when the State is dealing with a record fiscal deficit.

Will Barclay has served in the NYS Assembly since November of 2002.  His area encompasses parts of Oswego and Onondaga counties including the cities of Oswego and Fulton.  He is certainly well known to many as he represents the eighth generation of his family living in Pulaski.

Dave Renzi is running as a candidate for his first term as State Senator in the 48th district, a district that has barely recovered from a hard fought race that resulted in Darrell Aubertine becoming the first democratic representative for that district in over 100 years.  Dave Renzi has formerly served as a public defender and in private life was an amateur boxer.  He recently stated “We need a campaign that’s going to be run locally, with local ideas, and local  strategies”.  Where better to share with him your local concerns than by coming to the Volney Town Hall and talking to him and Will Barclay personally on September 11th at 7 PM.  The Town Hall is located on the corner of county Route 6 and State Route 3 in Volney Center.