Warming Up With The Weather

Submitted by the Masonic Lodge of Oswego

As the weather gets warmer, days get longer and plants begin to bloom we all know that spring is arriving. As we dig out our spring jackets, sandals, shorts and sunglasses we have to stop and think about those who don’t own these articles of clothing and how hot and/or dreadful this time of year can be for some when they don’t have appropriate clothing for the warmer time of year.

On March 20,3011, the Masonic Lodge will be hosting their first annual Good-Will Pancake Breakfast to help people in need. The breakfast will include: pancakes, eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage and drinks. The lodge will be serving the meal from 8:00 A.M. until 12:00 P.M. on Sunday March 20, 2011. Breakfast will be served at the Lodge; 765 East Seneca Street in Oswego, NY.

The idea of Good-Will fundraisers originated during 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts. Rev. Edgar Helms found struggling immigrants at a chapel in the poor community, located on Boston’s South End the immigrants didn’t want to accept hand outs and insisted on paying. Funds generated helped with providing the immigrants with language training and basic education. 1

The Masons of North America donate approximately 1.5 million dollars per day to charity . There are numerous organizations throughout the state, with some in our own community benefiting from the Masons. Some of the organizations hold nothing but the interest of the public at hand; 1 aiming to feed, or assist physically, medically or financially.

On March 19, the Masonic Lodge is asking for everyone’s help in making the warm, appetizing, and all you can eat breakfast a success. Again, the breakfast is free, and donations are not mandatory, but will be appreciated. The Human Concerns Food Bank is still collecting non-perishable foods and donations of food, especially canned fruit will also be appreciated.