We need your help now in the War on Synthetics

Letter to the editor:

Your help is now needed in the war on Synthetics: the poisons that are still being packaged and sold in under false labels attractive to children. These Synthetics are killing and permanently injuring many people all over our country!

An effective long-term legislation was introduced in 2013 that needs the public’s help to move through Albany into law.

The proposed Legislation is currently in the Health Committee of the New York State Senate (S.5401) and Assembly (A.6971). These bills mirror each other and relate to synthetic cannabinoid, synthetic cannabinoid analog and substituted cathinones and prohibiting the production and sale thereof.

This bill was introduced by Assemblyman Barclay and co-sponsored by Assemblyman Oaks. In the Senate, Senator Ritchie introduced the bill and co-sponsors include senators Valesky, Kennedy and Ball to date.

The proposed Legislation amends §3302 of the Public Health Law, §220.00 of the Penal Code, and §399-ff of the General Business Law, as follows:

· Changes the definition of synthetic cannabinoid as: any drugs that affect a person’s cannabinoid receptors in the brain. (This will help eliminate some of the difficulty authorities are having when one chemical is outlawed and quickly substituted for another).
· Empowers the State Commissioner of Health with the ability to add chemicals to the controlled substance list quickly and easily, working along side law enforcement. This will help stop the chemical swapping by drug dealers to keep these poisons above the law and eliminate the long legislative process now involved in adding chemicals to the banned list.
· Increases penalties for mislabeling. Currently, drug makers are marketing to our youth, with appealing names and packaging such as Scooby Snacks, Spice, Strawberry, etc., passing it off as incense, potpourri, bath salts and other false names. Violators of mislabeling synthetic drugs for a minor to purchase could be charged with a felony.

Sponsorship and support by State Legislators in both the Senate and Assembly on these bills is URGENTLY needed to move them through committees in Albany.

Together we can make a difference. Here’s what YOU can do to HELP NOW:

1. You can call, email and/or write to the members of the State Assembly and Senate with support of these bills and encourage their Sponsorship and Support.

2. You can send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me, Teresa Woolson, P.O. Box 82, Lycoming NY 13093 to receive a form letter and list of addresses for mailing letters.

3. You can visit my website: www.vow-foundation.org, a newly formed non-profit corporation named in honor of my son, Victor Orlando Woolson, who died at age 19 from a fatal reaction to synthetic drugs. The website has form letters, addresses, and additional ways you can help.

Thank you,
Teresa Woolson