Where’s Heidi Author Headed To San Antonio

NEW HAVEN, NY – Lisa Buske is traveling to San Antonio to speak at the Heidi Search Center’s annual banquet to share HOPE with the staff, volunteers and families of the missing.

On Easter Sunday, 1994, Heidi M Allen disappeared from the D & W Convenience Store in New Haven.

Within a few days, the “Heidi Search Center” in San Antonio Texas sent a search expert to come alongside local law enforcement in the search and rescue efforts to find Heidi Allen and bring her home.

“It was only the sixth case of the center leaving Texas, and their statistics for solving cases was 97% (if I remember correctly),” Buske said. “Although Rick (the search expert) returned home with my sister’s case being one of the 3% unsolved, the center’s involvement restored a tired community and family, educated law enforcement, and encouraged many.”

This weekend, local author and speaker, and Heidi’s older sister, Lisa Buske, will travel to San Antonio to speak at their annual banquet to share HOPE with the staff, volunteers, and families of the missing.

Buske said, “It’s an opportunity for New York to travel to Texas and thank them personally for their role in the search for my sister and it is a reminder of the bond we (families of the missing) have with each other – it doesn’t matter the distance, we are a ‘family’ because of our loss.”

Crystal Calloway, director of programs and services, contacted Buske this summer to talk about Lisa’s book, Where’s Heidi? One Sister’s Journey, and ways they could partner to help families of the missing.

Calloway was unaware their center had aided in the search for Buske’s sister because she was new; but this only encouraged both women more so, recognizing God had connected them.

Since their initial conversation, an invitation to speak at their annual banquet.

Since the Heidi Search Center in San Antonio is a nonprofit missing person’s organization, it was a matter of funding to cover Buske’s air fare.

Both women started praying if it was God’s will to be there, this would happen.

They were both amazed at how God answered when someone walked into the center to write a check to cover Buske’s travel.

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