WIC Program Expands Food Choices, Updates Eligibility

OSWEGO, NY – WIC nutritionist Ashley Ward of Oswego County Opportunities announced that New York State has made changes to the WIC program.

Administered locally through OCO, WIC provides women, infants and children with supplemental food and nutrition education.

The program serves pre-natal, breast-feeding, post-partum women (up to six months) and infants and children up to the age of five.

Nutrition education and breastfeeding education is the main focus of the WIC program.

In keeping with its goal of encouraging healthy nutrition WIC has expanded its food choices to include plain and plain organic yogurt and whole wheat pasta.

“Healthy eating and nutrition is an important part of the WIC program,” said Ward. “Each WIC participant meets with a nutritionist to educate them on the importance of proper nutrition to their health and that of their child. Yogurt and whole wheat pasta are certainly a healthy addition to the list of foods that are approved by WIC.”

In addition to expanding the food list the Federal WIC income eligibility guidelines have been updated as well.

The new guidelines are as follows:

Household Size            Monthly Gross Income

1                                              $1,832

2                                              $2,470

3                                              $3,108

4                                              $3,747

5                                              $4,385

6                                              $5,023

7                                              $5,663

8                                              $6,304

For each additional member add $642 to the monthly gross income.

For more information on the WIC program contact the OCO WIC office at 315-343-1311.

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