“Write In” is a real option for 23rd Congressional District Race

The mission of this campaign is to preserve the voices of the residents of the 23rd Congressional District. None of the mainstream candidates are willing to speak freely about the future of this district after the 2010 census. The focus of this campaign is the preservation of our representation in the House of Representatives.

The vision of this campaign is to show that by utilizing the new voting machines in NY, residents are no longer limited to voting for the established candidates with the ease and simplicity of now voting for “Write In” candidates.

The values of this campaign have compelled the creation of this movement to show the current political paradigm is antiquated and real change means, real citizen candidates running on real issues and representing neighbors, colleagues, friends and fellow residents not special interests, lobbies and party bosses.

If you value independent thinking and share in the vision of representation of the people by the people, then please “Write In” Mike Paestella for Congress on election day and show the current political structure that its time has passed and your vote will not be taken for granted or left at home when the ballot lacks an option in which you believe.

I have had the opportunity to reside in two counties that belong to the 23rd Congressional District, first as a student at SUNY Potsdam, where I am still involved as a member of the SUNY Potsdam Alumni Board of Trustees and now as a resident and involved citizen of Oswego County. During my time as a resident of Oswego County I have had the honor of being inducted into the Oswego County Business Magazines “40 Under 40” in 2004, along with being inducted as an Alumni into Potsdam’s chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society.

I am a member of YP Voice, the young professional organization for Oswego County and have served as that organization’s president. I have had also had the opportunity to work on issues affecting the youth of our district and their education, through my service on the Oswego Children’s Centers Board of Directors and the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau Board of Directors in addition to my work with the students attending SUNY Oswego.

If you have not committed your vote to one of the other candidates, I ask that you take the time to “Write In” Mike Paestella for 23rd Congressional District and know that in doing so you will be casting a ballot for citizen representation in the House of Representatives and you will be sending a message to the current political infrastructure that we have more options than those produced and paid for by special interests.

To learn more or contact the campaign I encourage you to visit the Facebook page, “Paestella for the 23rd Congressional Seat”.