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Elections Commissioners Discuss How To Improve Voting Process

county logoThe general election earlier this month went smoothly, despite a couple bumps in the road, according to Oswego County’s two elections commissioners. The bumps, however, were greatly magnified due to the intense scrutiny focused on the special election for the 23rd Congressional District, which was held in conjunction with the regular general election.

Board of Elections Announces Two New Polling Places

Voters in several election districts will select their choices of candidates on Tuesday, Sept. 15, as several primary elections take place across Oswego County. Most of the polling places are unchanged, but voters in two districts will visit new polling places this year.

Voters Can Try Out New Paper Ballot System

Voters across Oswego County will use a new paper ballot and optical scanner voting system in the Sept. 15 Primary Election and the Nov. 3 General Election. The new system allows voters to clearly review their ballot after they fill it out, and to be confident that their vote is accurately recorded.

Vanilla Is Favored Among Fairgoers In Test Of New Voting Machines

<br />Election inspector Bill Ingerson shows nine year old Kaycee Goodsell of Sandy Creek how to insert her paper ballot into an optical scanner voting machine at the Oswego County Fair. The Oswego County Board of Elections will demonstrate how to use the new voting system at several events this summer and fall.

Visitors to the Oswego County Fair chose vanilla as their favorite ice cream flavor, edging out chocolate by two votes, and picked Kenny Rogers as their favorite vocalist, in a test run of Oswego County’s new voting system.

401 people tested the new optical scanner equipment, casting their ballot for their favorite movie, TV show, and other selections in a demonstration sponsored by the Oswego County Board of Elections.

Voters Reminded of Deadlines for Absentee Ballots

The Oswego County Board of Elections reminds Oswego County residents who are eligible to vote on Election Day, Nov. 4, that if they will be out of the county or unable to get to the polls because of illness or physical disability, they may vote by absentee ballot.

Handicapped Accessible Voting Machines Demonstrated

Voting machines demonstratedThe machines are designed to be used by people with physical disabilities and will be available for registered voters at polling places in Oswego County on Primary Day and Election Day. “You have practice with it, but after you are familiar with it it’s as easy as pie!” one disabled man exclaimed after using the machine.