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Mayor’s ‘Cautious Optimism’, Call to ‘Be Positive” Mark First Day for New Common Council

The 2012 Fulton Common Council. From left, Council President and Fifth Ward Councilor Norman "Jay" Foster; Sixth Ward Council Larry Macner; Fourth Ward Councilor Carmella Cavallaro; Mayor Ron Woodward; Second Ward Councilor Dan Knopp; First Ward Councilor Alan Emrich; and Third Ward Councilor Peter Franco.One by one, they put their hands on a Bible and promised to do the best they can for the city.

The 2012 members of the Fulton Common Council swore their oaths of office in a brief New Year’s Day ceremony, then got down to the first work of the new year.

But not before a pep talk from Mayor Ron Woodward, who urged the Council members to stay positive and find good things to say about the city.

INSIDE: A gallery of photos from the swearing-in ceremonies, and video of the Mayor’s address.