Airport, Actually

To The Editor:
Oswego County Airport is a state of the art airport serving as an integral part of the Federal Transportation System.

We currently have 76 aircraft based on the field and are classified as a General Aviation Airport.

In addition to relieving congestion at larger airports by accommodating all types of General Aviation aircraft, the Oswego County Airport also serves many of our local businesses and corporations.

Many of our local industries fly executives and clients in and out of our facility.

We also serve many of our local First Responders by providing a quick, safe and easy facility to operate out in the event of emergencies, as well as provide a convenient training area.

The Oswego County Airport is very fortunate to receive federal funding through the FAA in order to maintain a safe environment for all who utilize our facility.

The latest of this is a $1,284,200 grant to rehabilitate a 95,000 square foot aircraft apron that has exceeded its useful life.

Most of these funds are generated through fees on commercial ticket sales rather than tax dollars.

This apron rehab will include full depth pavement removal and replacement along with the updates of electrical, plumbing, NAVAIDS and pavement markings.

This apron is one of the first things many visitors to Oswego County will see and the rehabilitation will provide for a much more appealing and safer experience to our facility.

This apron rehab project is immediately adjacent to where a new terminal building is to be constructed in 2020.

The new terminal building is largely funded through a NYSDOT grant in the amount of $1,080,000 and will serve to modernize the experience of visitors to Oswego County.

This new building will provide greater public access as well as provide a much needed facelift to our facility.

Along with these projects, the airport was fortunate enough to receive $865,000 to construct a new 10-bay T-hangar at our facility.

This award will allow for the construction of a new row of hangars to facilitate the storage of 10 additional aircraft at the airport.

In addition to more aircraft, the airport expects to see an increase in revenue through rental fees and increases in fuel sales.

These projects along with a commitment by the county to bring a new sewer district past the airport, and initiatives including field trips by local schools and opening up the airport to the public with events such as pancake breakfasts and Airport Day (August 3), have proven great successes for the airport and aviation as a whole.

Many members of the next generation are being introduced to an entirely new field that they were unaware of previously.

Gov. Cuomo, who recently announced the State of New York’s commitment to Oswego County regarding the grant for the new 10-bay hanger:
“New York’s airports represent the front door to our local communities and are critical to facilitating tourism and business development. A world-class airport is crucial to regional economic growth, and by investing in the modernization of our local airports we are creating vibrant communities where people want to live, work and play.”

I agree.

James Weatherup
Chairman, Oswego County Legislature


  1. Mr. Chairman, So let’s see, at a loss of an avg. of $100,000 a year over the past 10yrs. your gem has lost $1,000,000 plus the 5% local share of the Grants. Comes to around $1,150,000. Plus we are up side down on Grant money. How much is the Airport assessed at. How many services does the Airport give to the Taxpayers? Oh that’s right Travel and Tourism, and big Business uses it. This is a good snake oil salesman job. But the regular guy is not buying it. Privatize it, stop wasting good taxpayer money on something that doesn’t give the taxpayers a service. Like Legislator Castiglia says “If it’s not a service don’t use taxpayers money to fund it.” Nice try though.

  2. Jim, I hear what you are saying about the Airport, but I don’t feel that taxpayer money should be used to finance an Airport that isn’t a service to the all the taxpayers of Oswego County. Can Oswego County taxpayers park their RV’s or Boats out there in the winter saving them money for storage. The Airport loses money every year. It should be privately owned then we could collect tax money from real property tax and sales tax on the sale of fuel.and the taxpayers wouldn’t be losing any money..sorry you know I have voted against anything to do with the Airport sense I’ve been a legislator.

  3. Frank Castiglia opposed tearing down abandoned Nestle buildings. He opposed Aldi coming to Fulton. He opposed dredging the Lake. Too expensive. Not wanted. Too expensive. Seems if Frank opposes it, it’s actually good for our City. Great guide, if Frank opposes it, it well probably be a success, so we SHOULD do it. We want business, we should encourage improvements that will help businesses meet their needs. Frank hasn’t supported a single success, he fought against every success. Keep letting us know what you oppose Frank, so we know what will succeed. Now, I’m betting on the future success of our airport with these improvements. Thanks Frank.

  4. Watching U 2: Well you have finally come out from under the rock you were hiding under sense the last election. I was against the way the Nestle buildings were being taken down, it was a health hazard to the area,and they were breaking at least 3 environmental laws.I applauded the city when they hired Rowlee to take them down. If not we wouldn’t have it cleared now. I asked the questions about Aldi that needed to be asked, if they were wrong for my area, Yes I was against it, but they weren’t so I wasn’t against it I even made sure that when the city was dragging it’s feet letting a bad construction company get the site ready I called Aldi every other week to make sure they were still coming to Fulton. The lake dredging should not have costs a dime of local share. I was against the dredging using local share, it should have come from State and Federal shares. The Airport costs the local share a $100,000 a year for something that doesn’t serve any purpose to the general taxpayers. So that money should go for a service for all not the play thing for the rich. And I will keep it up.

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