1. I feel bad for everyone involved. Uncle Gary for having to do another mans jail time. For my father who has lived in fear and harassment for most his life. I feel sorry for the Allen family in many different aspects. For one they lost a loved one so young. For two, they put their trust in an Oswego county sheriffs department to find the truth, when in fact their objective is to do the opposite. I feel sorry for sheriff Todd because now everyone can see how his whole department is a joke. (I actually have to take that last one back). I feel sorry for Greg Oakes, for being a puppet and having to deal with the injustice that others left on his plate before him. It seems this case will forever be unsolved because they are not looking or don’t care to look where they should. Also my biggest fear in this life is that my old man and uncle G will never be alive to see the end of this fight. But at least now with this dateline airing they can feel some relief knowing the public now can see what we have.

  2. If all of the new information will not change the outcome of another trial for Mr. Thibodeau then why not let him have his new trial?! Hmmm.

  3. I do not know how a jury found Gary guilted with no eidence except two jail house inmates and one has already recanted his statementm. I have lost all faith in our Oswego Co justice. I wish the state would come in and investigate how things are done here. Isn’t a guilty verdict suppose to be without a shadow of a doubt? This man has lost his whole life without a fair trial and looks innocent. Should not even have been arrested without better evidence. Rhule and Oakes do not believe all these other people but believe The jailhouse snitches? What.is wrong with this picture? I understand Ms Priest asked for a lie detecter. No results on her request. Guess they do not want the truth.

  4. The program left more questions than answers! Where is Heidi’s remains? What activity was Heidi reporting on to the Sheriffs office, suspicious activity around the store, drug deals, exactly what? Why would they want an 18 year old to be a drug informant witness, dangerous at best. Is the body they found in a car at the bottom of the river in Fulton somehow connected, was she a drug informant also? How inept was the officer who dropped a card with Heidi’s name on it at the store? Finally this story is an embarrassment to the whole community, the sheriff investigators, the prosecutors, the jurors, the court system, and the huge ongoing drug problem in the county! It presents the area as a bunch of hayseeds and druggies!

  5. I followed this case on the news and in newspapers back then. It was around the same time as the OJ case. In the OJ case, they had a mountain of physical evidence. In this case they had not one iota of physical evidence against Gary or Richard… not one tiny drop of blood, not one strand of hair off of Heidi’s head. Nothing found in the van that would connect Heidi to the Thibideaus. I remember seeing Gary’s face when the guilty verdict was handed down. It was a look of utter shock. I recall turning to my husband and said “that is the reaction of an innocent man”. I’m so horrified by this injustice, angry at the DA, sympathy for Gary and Richard and their family and also for Heidi’s. It’s absolutely heart breaking and the dateline expose really sickens me that they won’t release him immediately. The prosecutors are an embarrassment to the cause of JUSTICE! SHAME!

  6. Rumor has it she was a confidential informant and that the brothers were involved in drug sales.

  7. Rumor has it Brett Law testified at Richard’s trial that Heidi was afraid of Matt Duell. Rumor has it that neither brother were mentioned in Heidi’s diaries. Both are verifiable Facts.

    Rumor has it that Heidi was still giving information to police up to the time she was abducted. Rumor had it that Heidi volunteered to give police information about drug dealers. Rumor has it Gary told fellow inmates that he was involved in Heidi’s abduction. As per the Hearing, Mrs. Burr stated to police that she KNEW Heidi was informing up to the abduction. As per the Hearing, Brett Law stated to police that Heidi was afraid of a “coke head” that lived near the D&W. (Curious both were not permitted to testify!) Mr. Baldasaro, one of the inmates, stated to a news reporter that he did not testify to Gary telling him he abducted Heidi which is confirmed by reading the entire original trial transcript and not just the biased summary of Oakes’ Statement of Facts and annexed Exhibits.

    Rumor has it that Oakes gives plea deal after plea deal to drug manufacturers.

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