April is Donate Life Month

Each year, thousands of people die waiting for a transplant because no suitable donor can be found for them.

Currently, close to 120,000 men, women and children are waiting for organ transplants in the United States.

Across New York State there is an urgent need for help due to a shortage of donors.

April was observed as Donate a Life Month in Oswego County and across the U.S. to call attention to the great need of organ donors across the nation.

The New York Organ Donor Network presents the following information:
•    One organ donor can save up to eight lives and the same donor can also save or improve the lives of up to 50 people.
•    More than 8,000 people in the New York metro area are in need of an organ transplant.
•    In Orange County, the average enrollment rate is just 16% and nationwide the average is 45%.
•    Donation only occurs after the death of a patient is declared by physicians who are legally not affiliated with donation.
•    The factors who determine who receives an organ include severity of illness, time spent on the waiting list, and blood type.
•    On average, 18 people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant in the U.S., and every 10 minutes, another name is added to the waiting list.

The Oswego county proclamation commends donors who provide others with another chance for a healthy life and encourage more New Yorkers to share this incredible gift.

For more information on how to become an organ donor, go online to http://www.dmv.ny.gov/mydmv/organ-pop.htm or visit the New York Organ Donor Network at www.donatelifeny.org