Area Students Enroll at St. Lawrence University

CANTON, NY – St. Lawrence University has welcomed the following students to its incoming Class of 2022.

Hunter L. Bell of Phoenix. Bell attended John C Birdlebough High School.

Alexander L. Emmons of Oswego. Emmons attended Oswego High School.

Hannah J. Porter of Parish. Porter attended Altmar-Parish-Williamstown High School.

St. Lawrence University welcomed 652 students, including 59 international students, to the Class of 2022 as well as returning and transfer students.

Fifty-five percent of St. Lawrence students come from outside of New York State, and nearly 75 percent graduated in the top-25 percent of their high school class.

Each first-year student at St. Lawrence participates in the University’s nationally-recognized First-Year Program, one of the oldest living-learning programs in the country.

The FYP helps students make successful transitions from high school to college.

Students live together as as cohort and are taught by faculty teams, developing the writing, speaking and research skills needed for college.

Students continue to develop these skills in a spring First-Year Seminar.

Fall semester classes began on Aug. 29.

About St. Lawrence University:

Founded in 1856, St. Lawrence University is a private, independent liberal arts institution of about 2,500 students located in Canton.

The educational opportunities at St. Lawrence inspire students and prepare them to be critical and creative thinkers, to find a compass for their lives and careers, and to pursue knowledge and understanding for the benefit of themselves, humanity and the planet.

Through its focus on active engagement with ideas in and beyond the classroom, a St. Lawrence education leads students to make connections that transform lives and communities, from the local to the global.