ARISE Early Recognition Screening at Oswego Farmers’ Market

OSWEGO – On August 6, families stopping by the farmers’ market (West First Street, south of Bridge Street) from 4:30 to 8 p.m. will have an opportunity to talk with folks about a type of wellness we sometimes don’t think about.

The Early Recognition Screening Program provides free mental health screenings for children under the age of 20.

The goal of these screenings is to provide a snapshot of your child’s emotional health, not to establish a diagnosis.

Almost every family in America is affected by mental illness in some way, and for children, emotional problems can carry over and affect their physical health and ability to learn in school.

The screenings are completely voluntary and all results are confidential.

They will be conducted by an Early Recognition Screening specialist.

If the results from the screening indicate that your child may have underlying emotional health concerns, we can link your family to services and supports that are appropriate to your child’s current needs.

In addition to Early Recognition Screenings, ARISE offers a full range of mental health services including individual, family, and group therapy.

We use a strengths-based, person-focused approach and utilize family and community supports to ensure success. All of our clients are active partners in their treatment.

If you cannot make it to the farmers’ market and would like more information on ARISE or any of our services, please call (315)342-8696.