Ask and you shall receive III

To The Editor:
I promised to tell you what the dialogue was like at the Infrastructure committee meeting. Well I’m going to give them to you now. I’m going to go from Worst to Least order.

In the meeting after I had given my speech about how all I was asking for was to have the Chairman distribute the information I had given him and have the Rental Fee voted on again by the Full Legislative body.

Win lose or Draw. Just vote again only this time with the full understanding of what we are voting on.

First up is Legislator James Weatherup – R-Central Square – he said something like: The city of Fulton is being hypocritical here because they abused the use of county equipment and now because they will have to pay a fee. They don’t like it.

Now I don’t really know what he meant there because an example of being hypocritical is “Do as I say not as I do” and as far as I know the city doesn’t charge anyone for the use of their equipment.

It is understandable for him to make such a mistake. In the heat of the moment he didn’t think before speaking. Oh well business as usual.

Let me stress again. We were asking that this be revisited to be voted on again. Not to just have it removed. For all the towns, villages and cities … not just the city of Fulton. I guess this is another case of reading comprehension or lack of.

His next statement was. “Why do we have to talk about something over and over again?”

A side note here: The records don’t show this subject matter being in front of this committee before.

I at the time was more concerned with letting him know that we are asking for all the taxpayers not just the city of Fulton.

Now I can relate to why we have to continue to talk about the same thing over and over.

Having a degree in Education and having had to do an internship with the elementary students.

The most successful way to get the students to learn at that level is to revisit the same subject over and over until it is understood.

So Legislator Weatherup, that is the real reason we have to keep talking about the same subject.

We just want the Rental fee agreement brought back to the full legislative body for a revote.

His next statement came right out of left field.

“I think the sales tax agreement with the city of Fulton is completely unfair and I want it revisited at the Finance and Personnel committee.”

Now that is like doing the Jitter Bug to a slow dance. This is a typical way to change the subject and take the focus away from the subject at hand.

That’s all for today readers.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. – D-C-Fulton