August 2012 Was Warm and Rather Dry

OSWEGO, NY – August 2012 goes into the record books as another above average warmth month.

The weather in August was just right for hanging out in the park.
The weather in August was just right for hanging out in the park.

The average temperature last month was a rather balmy 71.8 degrees.

That is 2.4 degrees above average, which continues a streak of warmer than average months dating back to last spring, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service.

August 2012 is in a four-way tie for the 7th warmest August in Oswego since 1844, Gregway noted.

Also coming in at 71.8 degrees are August 1877, 1944 and 1949.

The highest temperature last month was 94 degrees on the 4th and the lowest was 54 degrees on the 29th and 30th.

No records were set last month.

There was just 1 day in the 90s.

“The winds were light and the off-shore breeze helped keep our temperature lower than places like Syracuse,” Gregway explained.

There were 14 days where it was 80 degrees or warmer; with a streak of 5 in a row.

The overnight low sank into the 50s 8 times.

And, 3 times (the 3rd, 4th and 5th) they stuck in the 70s.

Total precipitation last month came in at 2.16 inches, which is 1.64 inches below normal.

Since the first of the year, precipitation stands at 19.69 inches. That is 7.03 inches below average.

“This is the 7th month in a row that the precipitation has been below average,” Gregway said.

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period was 0.69-inch on the 5th.

Measurable precipitation fell on 9 days, 6 of them were consecutive.

Only a trace fell on 2 days and 20 days had no precipitation at all, including a streak of 9 days in a row (the 18th through the 26th).

“It was dry, dry, dry and warm,” Gregway said.

The area saw 71 percent of the possible amount of sunshine. That is 7 percentages higher than average.

Red sky at night, sailor's delight
Red sky at night, sailor’s delight

“I don’t recall ever seeing it that high,” Gregway said. “That’s a lot of sunshine, a lot of clear skies.”

The number of cloudy days, 8, was normal.

The number of partly cloudy days, 11, was 1 below average.

The number of clear days, 12, was 1 above average.

There were 3 thunderstorms, which is 2 below average.

August had no foggy days, which is average.

The highest barometric pressure was 30.28 on the 26th and the lowest was 29.71 on the 10th.

The strongest winds were southerly at greater than 25 mph on the 5th. The winds also got up to around 25mph out the west-northwest on the 28th.

Also on the 5th, the area was soaked with 0.30-inch of rain in just 10 minutes during a sharp thunderstorm, Gregway added.

The wettest August is 1992 (7.86 inches) and the driest is 1874 (0.29-inch).

August 1947 is the warmest on record at 73.4 degrees. The coolest is 61.6 degrees in 1866.

The highest temperature in August is 98 degrees. It was recorded Aug. 22, 1883. The coldest is 62 degrees on Aug. 27, 1969.

August 2011 was 1.6 degrees warmer than average.

The amount of sunshine was a little below average.

Total precipitation was 6.13 inches, making it the 6th wettest August in 43 years, Gregway noted.

The precipitation for the year was almost 6 inches above average by the end of August 2011, he added.