Authorities Looking for Dodge Truck That Illegally Passed School Bus in Hastings

HASTINGS, NY – Last week, a Dodge pick up truck illegally passed a Central Square school bus that was coming to a stop with its caution lights on.

The bus was traveling northbound on Route 11 in Hastings when it began coming to a stop to pick up a young student, according to Trooper Chad Rodman.

“Just as the reds turned on, the truck can be seen on video passing the school bus on the shoulder. The driver appeared to be going about 45-50 miles per hour when passing. Fortunately, the student saw the truck coming and did not enter the road,” said Trooper Rodman.

The case remains open and Trooper Rodman and authorities are pursuing multiple leads as well as checking the area almost daily and staying in contact with the parent of the student who was attempting to board the school bus for any more sightings or information.

While the video was unable to capture a clear license picture, the authorities are searching for a newer style gray Dodge pickup truck with four doors and a full bed.

Rodman says the driver will be looking at two tickets for this specific case.

“It’s a moving violation, a 4 point violation. The driver can receive a ticket for failure to stop for a school bus, of course but can also receive a ticket for passing on the shoulder. For the first offense, this would result in fines and surcharges,” said Rodman.

According to section 1174-C, anyone in violation of overtaking and passing a school bus is subjected to a fine of no less than 250 dollars but not more than 400 dollars or by imprisonment for no more than 30 days for the first offense, or both.

If the violation occurs for a second time within a three year period, the punishment is that of a fine no less than 600 dollars and no more than $750, or by imprisonment for no more than 180 days, or both.

If a third or subsequent violation occurs within a three year period, the punishment is that of a fine of a fine of no less than $750 but no more than $1,000 or imprisonment for no more than 180 days, or both.

“When the cautions come on for a bus, motorists should start stopping. You should be at a complete stop by the time the red lights are flashing and the stop sign has emerged. Vehicles on the other side of the road have to adhere to the school bus as well, even if it is a four lane road or there is a median,” explained Rodman.

Anyone that may have any information on the case can call Trooper Rodman at (315) 668-2496.