Barclay Pleased By DNA Database Expansion

Assemblyman Will Barclay is pleased to announce that as of August 1, the landmark DNA database expansion he helped to pass officially went into effect.

This law, requiring the collection of DNA samples from anyone convicted of any felony or Penal Law misdemeanor, is the first of its type in the nation and Barclay looks forward to this valuable tool being utilized by law enforcement to apprehend felons, as well as to exonerate those who are wrongfully convicted.

“The DNA database expansion is a landmark piece of legislation that will greatly assist law enforcement in doing their jobs,” said Barclay. “It has been proven that violent criminals do not specialize in one kind of crime and are often convicted of lesser crimes before committing other, more serious, offenses. By collecting DNA samples from anyone convicted of a felony or Penal misdemeanor, we can protect our families and communities from those who would harm them. I applaud Governor Cuomo for signing this important bill into law and am very pleased to have played a role in its creation.”