Barclay Promotes Cancer Screening Services

FULTON, NY – Assemblyman Will Barclay recently presented a resolution to the Cancer Screening Services program coordinators proclaiming June 7 as “Cancer Survivor’s Day” throughout New York State.

Barclay Promotes Cancer Screening Services
Barclay Promotes Cancer Screening Services

Pictured from left are: Ellen Holst, Senior Director of Health & Nutrition Services; Jeanne Farrell Cancer, Services Program Assistant; Assemblyman Barclay, Carolyn Handville, Coordinator of Cancer Services; and Inga Back Coordinator of Administrative Operations.

OCO’s Cancer Services Program provides free cancer screenings including clinical breast exams, mammograms, pap/pelvic exams, and colon cancer screenings to uninsured women ages 40 to 64, uninsured men ages 50 to 64, and uninsured or underinsured women under 40 years of age who are at risk of, or have had a clinically significant finding for, breast cancer.

For more information on the OCO Cancer Services Program, call Handville at 315-592-0830.

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