Barclay Urges Governor to Sign Military Tax Exemption Legislation

Assemblyman Will Barclay called on Governor Cuomo today to sign legislation into law that would end a duplicative sales tax for members of the military.

Barclay co-sponsored Assembly bill 6223, which exempts members of the military from having to pay sales and use tax on vehicles in New York upon returning to New York. This bill also passed the state Senate this year.

Under current law, New York residents who purchase a vehicle outside of the state are required to pay sales and use tax upon registering the vehicle.

Military service members often keep their residency and driver’s license in their home state while serving because of their intention to someday return.

Unfortunately, in keeping residency in New York, service members upon return are subject to paying New York’s sales and use tax on a vehicle they purchased while stationed outside the state.

This means that a newly discharged veteran is faced with paying these taxes twice.

“The brave men and women in our armed forces put their lives on the line in the name of our freedoms every day,” said Barclay. “The least we can do as lawmakers to show our appreciation for all they do and allow these heroes to return home without having to pay this unnecessary tax. This legislation was passed by both houses of the Legislature with bi-partisan support. I urge the governor to act and sign this bill into law, so we can show our support for our heroes in the military.”