Bridie Manor Offering Large Print Dinner Menu

Going out to eat can be a struggle for some restaurant patrons. Often the menus contain a lot of descriptive information about the items offered, and require small print to fit it all on a page. If reading is difficult due to a visual impairment, selecting from the menu can be frustrating, if not impossible.

On April 20, members of the Vision Network presented Larry Lombardo, manager of Bridie Manor, located along the Oswego River in the City of Oswego, with ten large print dinner menus. Laura Smith, member of the Vision Network, took the essential information from the menu and typed it in bold, large font. ARISE staff made copies and put the seven-page menus into attractive folders.

Bridie Manor is the second restaurant in Oswego which collaborated with the Vision Network to offer large print menus. Canale’s also offers the large print menus and managers said that the requests for the menus are higher than expected. In fact, after the large-print luncheon menu was introduced at Canale’s, customers had asked for dinner menus that were easier to read. The Vision Network anticipates similar results and satisfaction at Bridie Manor.

ARISE serves individuals with all types of disabilities and has a mission to make our communities accessible to all. Partnering in the Vision Network is an important aspect of our mission. Members of the Vision Network are individuals with vision loss, as well as representatives of OCO and the Office for the Aging.

The Vision Network has been fundamental in advocating for the continuation of Call-N-Ride, a transportation service funded through a donation from Constellation. For more information, contact Sabine Ingerson, Chair, at 342-4088 ext. 210.