Bright Horizons Supports Rural Migrant Ministries

PULASKI, NY – Members of the Bright Horizons Clubhouse in Pulaski lent their time and talents to help support the Rural and Migrant Ministry’s annual spaghetti dinner.

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Outreach coordinator for the Rural and Migrant Ministry of Oswego County, Tracy Bonanno (center) accepts a donation of homemade apple pies from Bright Horizons Clubhouse members Gwen (left) and Anne.

Held Oct. 13 at the Half-Shire Historical Building in Richland, the event, which served almost 100 people, is a fundraiser to help support the mission of the agency, which is to serve the underserved and work in collaboration with other Oswego County human service agencies to provide support to families and individuals so that they can become self sufficient.

In addition to helping in the kitchen, serving the meals and washing the dishes, members from the Bright Horizons Clubhouse also donated homemade apple pies for the dessert.

“Our members truly enjoyed being a part of this wonderful event,” said Bright Horizons program advisor Jill Slocum. “One of the biggest benefits Bright Horizons offers its members is the opportunity to be involved with their community and enjoy the social interaction of doing so.”

A program of Catholic Charities of Oswego County, Bright Horizons Clubhouse is located at 3412 A Maple Ave. in Pulaski.

The Bright Horizons Clubhouse is recipient run with the aid of peer support and provides a community service club for past and current recipients of mental health services.

The emphasis at Bright Horizons is on the rehabilitating properties of cooperative volunteer work, socialization and informal presentation as members work together to keep the club running smoothly.

“Our members enjoy being involved with their community and being a part of Bright Horizons,” said Slocum. “This is a very rural area. Having a club like Bright Horizons available to provide members with social interaction is wonderful. It is a positive experience for them to join us for lunch and share a meal with their fellow members. For many it is their only hot meal of the day. I encourage community members to stop by our new location for a tour of the facility and to learn first-hand about the many services we provide here at Bright Horizons.”

Bright Horizons Clubhouse is open Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

For more information, contact Slocum at 298-7230 or Catholic Charities of Oswego County at 598-3980.

Catholic Charities of Oswego County serves all people in need regardless of their religious affiliation.

Primary funding sources for Catholic Charities of Oswego County programs are the United Way of Greater Oswego County, the Diocesan Hope Appeal, the County of Oswego and private donations by individuals and local companies and organizations.